Haircare maintenance is anything that will better the condition of your hair. This includes moisture and protein treatments, haircuts, trims, scalp massages, steam treatments and toning services. These services will ensure that the integrity of your hair is strong, balanced and overall healthy.

This service is offered by itself or with a full color service. The intent is to cancel unwanted tones or enhance vibrancy.
  • Root Smudge
  • Gloss
  • Full Toner
Haircut (1)
Haircuts and Trims
It is extremely important to cut off split and dry ends that have a low chance of recovering and a high chance of further damaging your hair. Schedule regular haircuts with Lyles.Styles, unique to your hair. This service includes a shampoo and blowdry.
  • Haircut
  • Trim with service
  • Big Chop
Conditioning Treatments
Moisture will restore dryness, protein will balance porosity and help moisture retention. Both are important to balance your hair properly and ensure the least breakage.
  • Scalp Rejuventaion
  • Moisture Infusion
  • Strength Restoration
scalp massage
Scalp Rejuvenation
Relieve the tension in your scalp with a calming scalp massage and increase circulation with a steam treatment and scalp rejuvenation treatment. This will calm scalp irritation and dandruff.
  • Scalp massage: $10/10min
  • Scalp Rejuvenation treatment
  • Steam treatment

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    With a clinical eye for assessing, treating, and tracking your progress, we take careful notes, supply you with related resources and information, provide you with a recommended plan, and help you to follow up on your goals, for lasting results.

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